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"Smailyk" network of dental centers for children and expectant mothers. Comfortable conditions have been created in the "Smailyk" dental center. When you come to the clinic, you will receive expert advice from a specialist regarding the state of your teeth, periodontium and function, which is based on the data of clinical and instrumental studies. We maintain high standards of the treatment process, providing dental care to patients from Ukraine and abroad. Principles of the team's work: Comprehensive preparation (general collection of information, analysis of the clinical situation, careful study of the patient's history, proposal of a treatment plan, provision of recommendations before and after the procedure); We care about our patients - we will always remind you about the time of the next visit; Trust (we do not hide information, we explain reasonedly, we recommend the necessary). Openness in communication with the patient; Confidentiality (we do not disclose private patient information); Guaranteed treatment for stay and waiting. A welcoming atmosphere helps our patients feel safe and comfortable.

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