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In the store "House of Floors and Doors" you can buy high-quality and reliable floor coverings, doors, door fittings, accessories and door locks. The store is an official dealer of the leading manufacturers of doors: "Wake Wood", "Rodos", "Terminus", "Papa Carlo" and floors: "My Floor", "Classen", "Berry Alloc", "Kronopol", "Esta Parquet" .

Наші послуги: entrance doors, interior doors, locks, parquet board, laminate, solid wood parquet, cork floor

Ще з категорії «Building materials»

The store of sanitary ware, heating systems, water supply and sewerage.

Пн - Нд: 10:00 - 19:00

Address: Trade line on Zakhidna Street, 4, No. 28 (Shopping Center "Budmarket")

«Pivduyma» — heating, water supply, sewerage, plumbing. The network of professional stores offers a wide range of European products for heating, water supply, drainage, filtration systems. Quick response to orders allows us to quickly select and deliver the goods to you in a way convenient for you: self-pickup or delivery by courier. Highly qualified specialists are always waiting for you with any profile problems or questions to help you solve them as quickly and efficiently as possible. Pivduyma offers the services of its own design department with experienced engineers, which allows it to perform calculations, develop design documentation, as well as provide advice in making design decisions and selecting equipment.

sewerage; irrigation, water supply and gas supply systems; pipes and fillings; boilers, heat pumps, boilers; water heaters; pumping equipment; radiators, convectors, towel dryers; insulating materials; filtration systems; expansion tanks; counters; ventilation systems; mixers; installation systems

Mon - Sun: 10:00 - 19:00

Address: Trade line on Zakhidna Street, 4, No. 19 (Shopping Center "Budmarket")

Магазин пропонує широкий асортимент: шпалер, самоклеючої плівки та супутніх матеріалів, ТМ: Rasch, Marburg, Erismann, As Creation, Grandeco, Dekens, Sirpi, Limonta, Emiliana, Decori-Decori. Досвідчений продавець-консультант допоможе у виборі шпалер і в розрахунках кількості.

Mon - Sun: 10:00 - 19:00

Address: Торгівельна лінія по вул. Західній, 5, № 72 (ТЦ Галерея), 1ий поверх

The "FIXEXPERT" store offers a wide range of fasteners: bolts, nuts, screws, chains, cables from the Modeco, Irwin, Koelner brands. Excellent quality, affordable prices and pleasant.

Пн - Нд: 10:00 - 19:00

Address: Trade line on Zakhidna Street, 4, No. 60 (Shopping Center "Budmarket")

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