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Aquamarket is a chain of tile and sanitary ware stores with many years of experience. One of our competitive advantages is the widest selection of sanitary ware and tiles in major cities of Ukraine: Odesa, Lviv, Kyiv, Vinnytsia, Ivano-Frankivsk. Today, Aquamarket stores offer: a personal manager, online consultation with the contact center, and the opportunity to buy sanitary ware in the online store. We have no boundaries and frameworks and will bring you more than 200 global brands on the best competitive terms. Just trust our competent managers and enjoy the convenient location of goods in the exhibition, the high level of service of our service support specialists, the best price offers for bathroom furniture and sanitary ware from leading global brands.

Наш асортимент: ceramic tiles, faucets, bathtubs, bathroom furniture, shower systems, shower cabins, partitions, pallets, installation systems, ceramics, water heating systems, towel rails

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Магазин вишуканої білизни "Corin".

жіноча білизна, чоловіча білизна, комплекти білизни, купальники, плавки, панчохи, піжами, ТМ: Corin, Wolbar, Key, Shato

Mon - Sun: 10:00 - 19:00

Address: Торгівельна лінія по вул. Виговського, 102, № 30 (ТЦ Галичина), 1ий поверх

Магазин взуття польських та турецьких виробників.

чоловіче взуття, жіноче взуття, кросівки, кеди, туфлі, лофери, мокасини, черевики

Mon - Sun: 10:00 - 19:00

Address: Друга торгівельна лінія № 14 (ТЦ Центральний), 1ий поверх

В наших магазинах Вам запропонують великий асортимент якісного, зручного, модного, стильного жіночого одягу.

пуховики, шуби, пальта, куртки, плаття, костюми брючні, ТМ: Donna Bacconi, MIEGOFCE, EMIS,YIMOSIS, Batter Flay

Mon - Sun: 10:00 - 19:00

Address: Торгівельна лінія Володимирська № 2/16, 2ий поверх

TEPLOPLUS is the largest representative of European brands of heating, water supply and ventilation systems in Western Ukraine. The company presents more than 15,000 product names, which are always available and certified. Flawless operating experience, constant improvement and control allow establishing a long-term warranty period of equipment operation. Our goal is to provide you with comfort and coziness!

sewerage; irrigation, water supply and gas supply systems; pipes and fillings; boilers, heat pumps, boilers; water heaters; pumping equipment; radiators, convectors, towel dryers; insulating materials; filtration systems; expansion tanks; counters; ventilation systems; mixers; installation systems

Mon - Sun: 10:00 - 19:00

Address: Trade line on Zakhidna Street, 4, No. 44 (Shopping Center "Budmarket")|Trade line on Shchyretska Street, 36/15, No. 16

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